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Finance Apps to the Rescue!


OK, if that sounds dramatic, we apologize. But it honestly can be life-altering to experience what it’s like to make payments on time, having your credit score increase, and to accurately keep a budget each month, helping you save money, not overspend, and even pinpoint areas where you could scale back and cut costs.


In a U.S. News article by Kimberly Palmer, she states that online personal financial management tools have become a popular way for consumers to track, budget, and save money. Palmer’s article reports that about one out of every four consumers uses some type of online tool or app to help them with some aspect of their personal finances.


In her article, Palmer recommends ten of the more widely used apps and online websites, including the highly popular—and free—Mint.com, PennyMinder, You Need A Budget, Pocketsmith, and MoneyDance. We here at FinanceSpectrum.com are big fans of Mint.com, as well as Debt Minder, Manilla, SmartSaver, and BillTracker.


The research and advisory firm Aite stated that three out of four people who use personal finance tools now have better control over their finances, and another two out of five reported having saved more money since using them. Check out an app or two and see if it works for you. Best-case scenario, you’ll save some money, be mindful of what (and where) you’re spending each month, and avoid late fees. Worst case scenario, just delete it from your phone!